House Cleaning Tips

Allergy Relief Cleaning

Allergy relief cleaning tips below will help you put together allergy free cleaning systems. When you are house cleaning for allergy relief, there are certain things you need to pay particular attention to. You can use the house cleaning for allerygy relief schedule below as a house cleaning checklist for allergy relief cleaning. The weekly checklist for allergy relief house cleaning can be used as a guide for general weekly checklist for house cleaning as well.

Allergy Relief Cleaning

If you have allergies, you need to keep your house cleaner than ever. Mold and dust mites are well known for causing allergic reactions. In addition to your weekly checklist for house cleaning, add the following allergy relief cleaning checklist to your house cleaning routine. The free allergy relief cleaning system below divides the house cleaning tasks for allergy relief into daily, weekly, bimonthly, monthly and regularly.

Allergy Relief Cleaning Checklist 

Daily Allergy Relief Cleaning

  • Ventilate the bathroom. The more dry the bathroom, the less likely mold will grow.

Weekly Allergy Relief Cleaning

  • Wash all the bedding in hot water, including bed covers and mattress pads.
  • If you have pets, bath them.
  • Dust furniture, windowsills and crevices with a slightly damp cloth then vacuum.

Allergy Relief Cleaning Bi-Monthly

  •  Vacuum plastic mattress, box spring, pillow covers and wipe with a slightly damp cloth.

Monthly Allergy Relief Cleaning

  • Wash all stuffed toys in hot water or put them in the freezer in a plastic bag overnight to kill dust mites.
  • Clean tubs, showers, shower doors or curtains with a 10% solution of disinfectant or liquid household bleach and water to kill molds. Scrub with stiff bristle brush and rinse with water. You should wear gloves while doing this.