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Bagless Vacuum Cleaner

When and how was bagless vacuum cleaner invented?

Vacuum cleaners have been around since 1901, bagless vacuum cleaners were only invented in 192 but a British inventor called James Dyson. British inventor James Dyson invented the bagless vacuum cleaner after working on 5,000 prototypes. He invented the bagless vacuum cleaner because he was so frustrated with other vacuum cleaners he had at home so he decided to put his designing skills to make a better vacuum. Bagless vacuum cleaners caught on very fast. Below are facts, information and maintenance information of bagless vacuum cleaners.

The Filter of a bagless vacuum cleaner
Bagless Vacuum Cleaner

Keeping the filter of a bagless vacuum cleaner clean is very important. The bagless vacuum cleaner works more efficiently when the filter is clean. Bagless vacuum cleaner manufacturers recommend that the filter of a bagless vacuum cleaner be cleaned every few months by placing under running water. However, you can clean the filter of the bagless vacuum cleaner more often such as once or twice a month if it gets dirty quickly such as if you have pets in your home.

How long do bagless vacuum cleaner 's filters last?

Many vacuum cleaners, including bagless vacuum cleaners claim to come with filters that last the lifetime of the vacuum. However, when the filters are washed often, they will need to be replaced sooner than later. There is really no filters that last the lifetime if used. However, a new filter for a bagless vacuum cleaner is easy to find and often inexpensive, costing from $20-$50 depending on the model of the bagless vacuum cleaner. 

The chamber that holds the dust bin can also accumulate dust in its crevices.  To keep the bagless vacuum cleaner running efficiently, open the canister area and knock off the dust with a feather duster. Some newer models of bagless vacuum cleaners have the dust bin cleaning function built in.

The Dustbin of a bagless vacuum cleaner

A good bagless vacuum cleaner inhales a lot of dust and the dust accumulate in the bagless vacuum cleaner ’s dust bin very fast.  To keep the bagless vacuum cleaner from needed servicing, empty the dust bin often to keep dust from getting packed so deep in there that it has to be scraped out. Some bagless vacuum cleaner models make it even easier to empty the dust bin by having the dust bin opens at the bottom.

The Beater Bar of a bagless vacuum cleaner

Every bagless vacuum cleaner picks up some strings or long hairs that get tangled around the beater bar.  This is very common. To prevent the beater bar of your bagless vacuum cleaner from jamming, or just making an awful noise, you must clean the beater bar off from time to time. Most people don't like to clean the beater bar even more than the filter and other parts of the vacuum cleaner so you can buy a bagless vacuum cleaner model with an easy to remove beater bar. While that beater bar of a bagless vacuum cleaner is off, check the belt that pulls it for wear.  If the belt is worn, you should replace the belt of the bagless vacuum cleaner to extend its life.