House Cleaning Tips

Cleaning Tips: Soot

Soot can be difficult to clean. Below are cleaning tips for soot. Soot should be dry cleaned using some of the cleaning tips for soot below. Getting soot marks wet will make them harder to clean.

How is soot produced?

Soot can be produced by burning food, wood burning stoves and fireplaces, and some gas appliances, to name a few.

How to clean soot off?

First, you can try vacuuming sot off:

  • walls,
  • ceilings
  • woodwork and
  • masonry.

Avoid wetting soot marks if possible.

You can use an art gum eraser or a rubber dry sponge to remove soot arks from:

  • woodwork,
  • walls,
  • stone, and
  • brick.
Cleaning tips for wet soot

Those are the ways to clean soot off dry.

However, if dry cleaning soot marks does not work, you can clean smoke and grease stains off woodwork and painted bricks by:

  • painting the smudged areas with a solution of laundry starch and water.
  • Let it dry and
  • rub the area with a soft clean cloth.