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Cornstarch Window Washing Cleaner

Cornstarch window washing cleaner is a kind of homemade window washing cleaner that you can make easily using cornstarch and other household ingredients. Below is a way to make cornstarch window washing cleaner and some other ways to make other types of homemade household window washing cleaners.

How to make homemade cornstarch window washing cleaner?

Cornstarch window washing cleaner is one of the most popular window washing solution because it is easy to make, cheap and effective way to wash windows.

  • Add a mixture of:
    •  ½ cup of cornstarch to
    • 1 gallon of warm water
  • Rinse with a little white vinegar.
Cornstarch window washing cleaner
Vinigar and Ammonia window washing cleaner solution
  • Mix 
    • ¼ cup of white vinegar and
    • ¼ cup of ammonia into
    • a bucket with half filled warm water.
  • Fill several spray bottles or plant misters

You can also add any food coloring to the window washing solution you just made to give it a professional look. Shake well after adding food coloring.