House Cleaning Tips

Dusting Tools

There are many types of dusting tools at any cleaning supplies stores. Nowadays, one of the best dusting tools is the vacuum cleaner. This dusting tool provides an easy way of clean dust compared to the traditional dusting tools such as a dust mop or rag to dust.

How to Dust

Whichever dusting tools you choose depends on the surface of what you are dusting. There is not universal dusting tools that are great for all areas.

Basic dusting tools

The basic types of dusting tools are mops and dust cloths which are available at any dusting supplies stores. There are also variations of dust wipes with different purposes and scents.

Which dusting tools are good for house cleaning?

When you are learning how to dust effectively, you need to learn about different types of dusting tools. The dust mops and cloths below work well:

  • The long haired dusters that attract dust through static electricity
  • The microfiber dust cloths
  • small pieces of polarfleece which are quite soft and staticky
Drawbacks of these dusting tools

These dusting tools have a small drawback. They must be cleaned after they are used. Most of the time, people don't like to clean dusty rugs which is why the dusting wipes are so popular. You can use any old clothes you have, wet them and dust with. Then you can throw them away when they are too dusty to use.