House Cleaning Tips

Hourly Rate for House Cleaning Services

Not all cleaning professionals have an hourly rate for house cleaning services. An Hourly rate for house cleaning services is more common among larger cleaning services. A sole proprietary cleaning services often does not have hourly rate for house cleaning services. Sole proprietary cleaning services often want to charge by the job. They will want to come to your house to inspect and then give you a quote for the job such as the whole house.

Is hourly rate for house cleaning services better than pricing for the job?

The answer is very different for a big cleaning service company and a sole proprietary cleaning service. If you need a large area cleaned such as an office building or a whole complex, signing up for cleaning packages is better than paying hourly rate for house cleaning services.

However, if you just need your house or apartment cleaned once a week of less often, paying for the job is not as beneficial for you.

Real life example of how cleaning services operate

You own a 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms house. You want it cleaned weekly.

First scenario: You contacted Mary's Cleaning Services.

Mary's Cleaning Services quoted you $100 for the whole house, excluding the basement and attic.


Hourly Rate Cleaning Services

You agreed. Mary and her daughter turned up to your house to clean. They took approximately 1 hours and a half to clean the entire house. After they left, you found a lot of dust and even spider webs. The job was done to a low standard but you thought that's what you get for just $100 and that all cleaning services were probably just like Mary's Cleaning Services.

After a few months, you found a cleaning services that has hourly rates for house cleaning.

Second scenario: You contacted Amy's Cleaning Services.


Hourly Rate Cleaning Services

Amy's Cleaning Services offer you the option of charging by the job or paying hourly rate for house cleaning. Amy charges you $20 an hour. You thought "that's expensive" but then you remembered that Mary and her daughter only took an hour an a half so you decided to try Amy's hourly rate for house cleaning. Amy turned up to clean your house.

She spent much time dusting and wiping and cleaning all areas. You thought "hmm, Amy might just want to spend as much time as possible at your house to earn more money..". Amy ended up spending 4 hours cleaning your house. You paid Amy $80. After Amy left, you noticed that absolutely everything was wiped clean and no spider web was to be found. Amy really worked for her money.

Conclusion of Hourly Rate for House Cleaning Services

If you want your house cleaned well, you should definitely go for the hourly rate house cleaning services. If you pay for the job, there is no telling how much time your house cleaner will be in your house and clean. To ensure that the house cleaning person stays in your house long to work on the job, you need to pay hourly rate for house cleaning services. Will it cost you more in the long run? It might. If the house cleaning crew is in your house and just sit around and talk to one another, you need to change your house cleaning service. Also, if you cleaning people spend a long time at your house because they want as much money from you as possible, you can at least tell them '3 hours is enough' or let them do that job knowing that you will have a clean house later.