House Cleaning Tips

House Cleaning Flyers

You will have undoubtedly seen many house cleaning flyers and house cleaning special coupons. House cleaning flyers are important parts of building a great house cleaning business.

What makes good house cleaning flyers?

Depending on the nature of the house cleaning flyers such as to introduce your housecleaning business or to give promotions and special discounts, you can design house cleaning flyers to have different looks.

A good house cleaning flyer can bring you more house cleaning business than you have time for. Generally, house cleaning flyers have:

  • A catchy heading or slogan
  • your house cleaning business logo
  • A picture that represents house cleaning such as a picture of your cleaning materials, a picture of you or your staff cleaning or even just a smiling face
  • Highlights of your house cleaning services
  • your contact information
  • additional information such as discount coupon codes

House cleaning flyers