House Cleaning Tips

House Cleaning Service Package

Most house cleaning services sell a basic house cleaning service package. This basic house cleaning service package is usually recommended if you sign up for a regular house cleaning service. The basic house cleaning service package usually includes:

  • vacuuming carpets
  • vacuuming stairs
  • vacuuming furniture
  • dusting furniture
  • vacuuming hard surface floors
  • removing cobwebs
  • dusting windowsills and landings
  • dusting wall hangings
  • picking up and straightening pillows and magazines
  • cleaning the entry and patio doors
  • cleaning and disinfecting bathrooms
  • making the beds and changing linens
  • changing towels
  • cleaning kitchen floors and sinks
  • spot cleaning cabinets
  • cleaning kitchen counters and the outsides of the appliances
  • cleaning inside of the microwave
  • spot cleaning walls
  • emptying trash
House cleaning service package

If you are considering getting a house cleaning service, verify what house cleaning services are included in the basic house cleaning service package. Bear in mind that different house cleaning services adhere to different standards. Two house cleaning services doing the same house cleaning job will not produce the same level of cleanliness. That's why it is best to use a house cleaning service that someone you know recommends.

The above house cleaning activities are often included in the basic house cleaning service package. These house cleaning activities will not make your house clean if your house is very dirty. That is why the basic house cleaning service package is recommended only if you have your house cleaned regularly. For example, if your bathroom or kitchen have not been cleaned for awhile, they may need heavy scrubbing rather than lightly cleaned or wiping.