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How do I Clean Sliding Shower Doors

Do you have a shower with sliding doors? Below are some ideas of how to clean sliding shower doors. People who shared the ideas and advice of how to clean sliding shower doors have been cleaning homes for a long time, including cleaning sliding shower doors.

How do I clean sliding shower doors?

My favorite thing to clean soap-scummy sliding shower doors with is Soft Scrub with bleach. I squirt on a hefty amount of cleaner, take my sponge with the scrubby side of the sliding shower doors down, and go to town on it!

I have found that small circles are the best way to clean off the soap scum and mold which tends to collect and grow.

Afterward, I give it a good rinsing and use a lint-free cloth to dry it, so I can make sure I got all of the soap scum off from the sliding shower doors. If I didn't, I go back over the parts that still need scrubbing again.

I dry the sliding shower doors so that I am able to see the scum then, instead of realizing later when the doors have dried on their own that they are still dirty.

How do I clean sliding shower doors
Another way you can clean your sliding shower doors

I use a rather simple but effective way to clean sliding shower doors or just shower doors. Depending on the amount of scum and soap on the door you might have to spray a heavy coat of Windex on the door. Then take a paper towel to scrub off the scum on the door.

To then get a rather streak free shine I spray the door down with Windex again. Then I use a squeegee. I found mine in the automotive section at Walmart, it has a rather wide head which makes the process easier. Any squeegee will work though.

Then just use the squeegee to wipe the Windex off of the door. Starting at the top and going across the door from side to side all the way down. This way the Windex that is removed from the glass will run down the door onto a part that has yet to be squeegeed and wont streak up part of the door you just cleaned.