House Cleaning Tips

How to Clean a House from Top to Bottom

There are many ways of how to clean a house from top to bottom. Below are some ideas of how you would go about cleaning your home from top to bottom.

Steps cleaning a house from top to bottom

If I were to clean my house from top to bottom, I would begin in the bathroom. I would start here because it's my least favorite room to clean, and I'd prefer to get it over and done with. I'd use a bleach powder (Comet) to sprinkle on the inside of the toilet.

While that was setting in, I'd use either a spray disinfectant, or liquid solution (such as Lysol) to wipe down my bathroom sink, and inside of the shower, making sure to get all areas.

How to clean a house from top to bottom

I'd then take the toilet scrub brush and scrape the inside of the bowl where the Comet was.

I'd finish by washing the bathmats in the washer/dryer, and mopping the floor with a floor solution (swiffer, mop and glow, etc.)

Cleaning the worst areas first then move to other rooms

I'd honestly handle each room in my house mostly the same way, wiping down and dusting all furniture with a disinfectant, I'd vacuum each rug and wash linens such as bed sheets as I went.

For the kitchen, I'd be sure to pay special attention to countertops and tabletops, and for the people who have pets, I'd suggest to them that they not only sweep, but vacuum and mop their kitchen floors too.

This would ensure pet hair was NOT in the area, because who wants to eat in a hair filled kitchen? I would use a product like Windex for the windows in my house, and when my cleaning was finished, I would spray air freshener, or light a scented candle to really make it smell perfect.