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How to Clean Bathtubs

Bathtubs are among the hardest to clean in a home. Knowing how to clean bathtubs can save time and money. In learning the best way to clean bathtubs, you may want to clean discolored bathtub, clean bathtub stains, know how to clean your porcelain bathtub, clean blue ring bathtub, clean jacuzzi bathtub, clean overflow drain in bathtub, and so forth. What to clean a bathtub with differs depending on what type of bathtub you have. For example, what you use to clean porcelain bathtub with will be different from what you use to clean other types of bathtubs with.

The first thing to know about cleaning bathtubs is that a routine bathtub cleaning regularly will help avoid having to do major cleaning on your bathtubs. The longer you leave the bathtub uncleaned, the harder you have to scrub and use much more severe measures to clean your bathtub.

How to Clean Bathtubs

How to clean bathtubs regularly

After using the bathtub each time, you should wipe your bathtub with a sponge and rise it with water. By simply wiping and rinsing your bathtub, you will prevent soap buildup. You should clean your bathtub thoroughly each week.

What to clean bathtub with?

You don't need to buy expensive cleaning products to clean your bathtub with. You can use any types of detergents or cleaners you already have. For example, you can use Bon Ami or a mild liquid dish washing detergent on a sponge to wipe your bathtub. This will clean and polish your bathtub at the same time. You can also use laundry detergents such as Tide on a sponge to remove grime. This is good to clean discolored bathtub because of hard water.

Is a sponge is not enough to scrub all the residues off your bathtub, the use a nylon net ball or pad. But, don't us any abrasive cleaners or pads or brushes because you may scratch or dull your bathtub. Steel wool is not good to clean bathtubs.