House Cleaning Tips

How to Clean House Carpet

How to clean house carpet is one topic that always comes up in any house cleaning business or service. There are many ways to clean house carpet depending on how big an operation you want to do or how big your house cleaning budget is.

House to clean house carpet

How to clean house carpet the cheap and easy way yourself

Without hiring a professional carpet cleaner, you can learn how to clean house carpet fairly easily. Below is an easy way to clean house carpet:

  • mix 4 tablespoons of regular baby powder
  • mix 3 tablespoons or cornstarch
  • mix 1 cup of baking soda
  • Sprinkle a thin layer of the mix above over the carpet and let it sit overnight
  • Vacuum the carpet the next day

By doing the simple carpet cleaning above, you will get a fresher carpet that looks brighter than before.

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