House Cleaning Tips

How to Clean Windows

The is a recommended way of how to clean windows. The best way to clean windows is to perform simple window cleaning steps and have the windows looking like a pro just cleaned them. A professional window clean and wash service would do the followings:

How to clean windows
Sweeping and the pre-clean step
  • Sweep the windows, tracks and window-sills with a broom on the outside.
  • Vacuum the windowsills and frames with dusting brush attachment inside.
Washing the windows with cleaning solution

  • Using a cloth or sponge, dipped in window cleaning solution. Squeeze gently so that the cloth or sponge is wet but not dripping.

Wash the windows from the outside corners and edges to the inside, using circular strokes.

Drying the windows

After washing the windows, you need to immediately dry them to avoid leaving streaks.  Start drying the windows from the top left corpner. Wipe the windows with any of the followings:

  • a squeegee,
  • paper towels,
  • crumpled up newspaper or
  • lint free cloth

Window House Cleaning tips: when wiping the windows, use different strokes on the outside from the inside. For example, if you use verticle strokes to dry the windows on the outside, use horizontal strokes on the inside. This way, if you need to redo any part of the window, you will know if it's the inside of the windows or the outside.

The windowsills

For the windowsills, just dry with a regular cloth rag.