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How to Clean a Mini Blind

There are a few ways to clean a mini blind or a Venetian blind. To clean a mini blind, you can dust it or wash it. If you are dusting a mini blind, you need to use a special blinds brush, vacuum dusting tool or a soft cloth.

How to clean a mini blind by dusting?

To dust a mini blind, you have to first lower the blind. Dust the slats first when they are facing downward, then upward. If you are using the pronged blind dusting tool, leave the blind open and slip the slats between the rollers.

How to clean a mini blind by washing?

A better way to clean a mini blind is by washing it. To wash a mini blind, you should wash it when it when it is hanging. Lower and open the mini blinds. Lay old cloths or newspapers under the window to catch any water drips from cleaning the mini blind. Remove nearby furniture.

Cleaning the mini blind

To start cleaning the mini blind, dip a sponge or cloth in a solution of all purpose household cleaner and water and wring out. Start at the top and wash one slat at a time, folding the cloth or sponge around the slat, and sliding it from side to side. You can also use scissors to cut halfway through a thick flat sponge and use it the same way. Rinse with a damp cloth, sponge, or glove, using the same method as for washing. Then wipe dry.

How to clean a mini blind in a bathtub?

Another way to clean a mini blind is to take it to the bathtub to wash. You want to wash the mini blind in a bathtub half filled with a warm water and household cleaner solution. Pull the cord so that the slats are open. Immerse the mini blind in water, spreading it out. Wash both sides of the mini blind with a sponge or cloth and scrub the tapes with a brush. Drain the dirty water and fill the tub half way with clean water to rinse off any left over dirt on the mini blind. Repeat if necessary until clean. Then drain the water. Dry the mini blind with a cloth or towel.

How to clean a mini blind outdoor?

You can also clean your mini blind outdoor Wash the mini blinds outdoors by hanging them over a clothesline and clean.  Rinse both sides of the mini blind with a garden hose. Drip dry then hang back up on the window.