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Prevent Sweat Stains

Better than removing sweat stains is to prevent sweat stains from happening in the first place. How to prevent sweat stains on hats is one of the most common questions regarding sweat stains prevention. Underarm sweat stains on clothing is another concern when discussing how to prevent sweat stains or how to remove sweat stains. 

It is harder to prevent underarm sweat stains or even to remove the sweat stains because the chemicals in the underarm deodrants can react with the clothes or fabric dyes causing permanent damage.

Prevent Sweat Stains
How to prevent sweat stains

The best ways to prevent sweat stains are discussed below.

First of all, to prevent sweat stains in the underarm areas, use less deodrants or antiperspirants. Excessive use of underarm deodrants and antiperspirants will cause residues of the chemicals in them to rub off on your clothes, causing hard to remove sweat stains.

To further prevent sweat stains in the underarm areas especially those caused by the deodrants, you can use the disposable paper underarm shields that can be stuck to the underarm seam. This will protect your clothes and prevent sweat stains and deodrant stains. There are many types of underarm shields and some are very comfortable and can be cut to fit your body. This is a sure way to prevent sweat stains.

If you cannot use any form of sweat stain pads, then you are bound to leave sweat stains on any clothings or hats that come into contact with your sweat. In that circumstance, you will need to learn how to remove sweat stains the most effective ways as to not ruin your clothes. Using sweat stain pads or shields will eliminate underarm odor and sweat stains.