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Removing Rust Stains

Removing rust stains can be tricky. The common rust stains are found in porcelain sinks and on clothes because of iron particles in waters forming rust. So, how to remove rust stains? We will discuss techniques of removing rust stains below.

The way of removing light rust stains is different from removing tough rust stains. We will discuss how to remove tough stains such as removing rust stains from concrete driveway or removing rust stain from marble or basement cement floor in other section of this House Cleaning Tips website.

Techniques to removing rust stains

Removing rust stains

To remove rust stains such as the brown rings around faucets, rub with a sponge and lemon juice or white vinegar. Then rinse the rust stains with water. If this does not remove rust stains, use a cloth to rub with a little kerosene. Then rise the rust stains well with soap and water.

Removing tough rust stains

Some rust stains are too tough to remove the conventional way. For removing tough rust stains on clothing, vinyl floor and concrete driveways, see below.

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