House Cleaning Tips

Shower Cleaning Tips

Below are some shower cleaning tips, especially how to clean shower doors. Most people don't want to spend a lot of time cleaning the bathroom and the shower, especially if you have young children. If you have children, satiation may matter even more than how to clean the shower so it looks pretty. Your time is valuable so minimizing the time you need to clean the shower can be important. After all you need to spend sometime cleaning other parts of the house too. Below are some shower cleaning tips.

How to clean grime and mold?

The first step in cleaning a shower door involves a simple once over for grime and any mold.

To do that, I fill a small spray bottle about a third of the way with bleach and the rest with water. Then the whole door gets sprayed with the solution. This helps sterilize everything as well as kill mold.

Let sit for ten minutes, then wipe off with disposable cleaning wipes.

Shower cleaning tips
Why should you use disposable wipes to wipe grime or mold?

I choose disposable because I don't want to risk that mold getting into any laundry or household linens.

After the worst has been wiped away, I get a heavier duty cleaning wipe or sponge. Spray with scrubbing bubbles, then lightly scrub all parts. Rinse sponge, and repeat if necessary.

How to get the most soap scum off the shower doors?

This gets most soap scum off the door. Pour out any remaining bleach water from the bottle sprayer and spray water on the door to rinse off the scrubbing bubbles.

It's a shower door, so I don't worry about possible streaks, simply sanitation. Mold should be gone via bleach wash and disposable wipes. Then check that the soap scum is gone via fast sponge scrub.

Check Factor in the waiting time for the bleach, and I'm usually done in 20 minutes. That is enough time to wipe away that ring in the bath tube or do a once over of the toilet seat with the other disposable wipes.