House Cleaning Tips

Stain Removal

Stain removal is key to good house cleaning. Professional housecleaners always have house cleaning tips when it comes to stain removal. For professional housecleaners, stain removal is their life. Below are many house cleaning tips on stain removal. After a while, you will develop your favorite method of stain removal. Soon you will be teaching house cleaning tips of stain removal to new housecleaners getting started in the house cleaning business.

Types of stain

Needless to say that different types of stain require different house cleaning tips for stain removal. Below are various types of stain a professional house cleaner will have to deal with and find the right stain removal technique to combat them.

  • Organic stains such as grass and mud
  • Biological stains such as pet hair, urine, and dead insects
  • Consumables
  • such as wine, chocolate, and caviar
  • Other stains such as ink, melted plastic, dye

Click on each type of stain below to read about stain removal techniques and house cleaning tips. Each type of stain requires unique stain removal techniques and stain remover.

Stain Removal