House Cleaning Tips

Steps in Cleaning a House

There are many steps in cleaning a house. More steps are required to clean a house well and less steps required to just clean the surfaces of the house. Deep cleaning, of course, needs more steps and thorough cleaning with attention to detail of the house cleaner.

Below are basic steps of house cleaning. Bear in mind, though, that different house cleaners have different steps to follow. If a house cleaner specializes in an area of house cleaning in particular, such as window cleaning or carpet cleaning or laundry, then he or she would have more steps for those areas of house cleaning.

What are the basic steps in house cleaning?

To clean the house from top to bottom, get an empty basket and a trash bag and put one of each inside every room.

Then, go into each room and place everything that does not belong there in the basket or trash bag.

Get up everything off the floor.

Then, clean the kitchen sink, bathroom sinks, tub and shower and toilets - in that order.

Steps in cleaning a house

Next, vacuum or mop every inch of the house, including under every piece of furniture you can move.

After you finish, let the dust settle while you change the furnace filters and clean the dryer lint trap. These items seem to be the biggest culprits for dust.

Now, use your Swiffer duster and dust every surface, including baseboards. As you dust you can find more items to throw in the basket or trash bag. Go all through the house and get all the dust.

To finish, get your baskets together and start putting away items. Take out the trash and do your laundry.