House Cleaning Tips
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Ways to Keep a House Clean

If you don't want to do alot of house cleaning, there are ways to keep a house clean. These ways to keep a house clean are sometimes referred to as preventive cleaning. These ways to keep a house clean are mostly concentrated on areas of the house that usually require more house cleaning than others such as bathrooms or kitchens. Below are some ways to keep a house clean.

Use bathroom exhaust fan

One of the ways to keep a house clean is to use bathroom exhaust fan when you take a bath or shower, as well as for half an hour afterward. Using bathroom fan lowers the humidity. Lower humidity level reduces the chance of mold growing in your bathroom grout and shower tracks.

Ways to keep a house clean

Avoid bath soap with chalky white residue

Some bath soap are worse than others when it comes to leaving chalky white residue. Switch to using other soap if you notice a build up of chalky white residue on your bathroom tile, bathtub or shower doors.

Use Lemon-oil on glass shower doors

One way to keep a shower door clean is to apply lemon oil on it. This should be done at least twice a month to avoid heavy build ups. Use 2-3 teaspoons of lemon oil on a dry cloth and apply on shower doors in overlapping horizontal strokes. Using lemon oil is a way to make shampoo, soap scum, and grimy water roll down the drain.

Keep dust out of your house

The simplest way to keep a house clean is to keep dust from ever getting into your house in the first place. For example, keeping windows and doors closed will keep alot of the dust out of your house. If you like to open windows, consider getting window filters that keep airborne particles and dust out of your house. This will also help with allergies and insect problems. Window filters keep the dust out while still letting you enjoy fresh air.

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