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What are Dust Mites?

We know that dust mites are allergens often found in the house. But, what are dust mites? Eliminating dust mites can be done with just simple good house cleaning. You may not kill all dust mites but you will kill enough to not allow dust mites to cause health hazard and allergies. Dust mites can be found in many places in the house. Boric acid can kill dust mites and there are other ways of getting rid of dust mites. You can also get a special mattress if you are allergic to dust mites. Below is an explanation of what a dust mite is and facts about dust mites.

What are Dust Mites

What are dust mites?

Dust mites are Lilliputian members of the spider family. Dust mites can live on a square yard of carpeting. Dust mites are microscopic and occur in large numbers.

Am I allergic to dust mites?

Dust mites themselves are not what people are allergic to. Worse than that, it is the dust mites' waste that cause allergic reactions in people. The dust mites' waste contain a protein that causes allergies.

What do dust mites eat?

Dust mites eat dead skin cells that people and animals shed daily. That's the reason you find dust mites wherever you spend most time in the house such as beds, pillows, stuffed chairs.

How much waste do dust mites produce?

Dust mites produce alot of waste that cause allergies. They produce about 20 tiny pellets of waste a day.

How to eliminate dust mites?

Dust mites like humid condition of the house, especially carpet on concrete floor. To eliminate dust mites in a house, make sure all areas are as dry as possible. This is also a way to eliminate mold in the house.