House Cleaning Tips

Window Cleaning

Window cleaning should be done inside and out, at least once or twice a year. Most people don't like window cleaning and hire professional window cleaning services to do it for them. But, if you decide to do window cleaning yourself, you should learn window cleaning techniques that would make the job easier.


Window Cleaning

First of all, if you have alot of windows, break up the window cleaning task. For example, clean the inside of the windows one day and outside the next to avoid overworking on this window cleaning business.

Why should I not clean windows on a sunny day?

On a sunny day, the window you clean is likely to dry easily. However, if the cleaned window dry too easily, they are likely to streak.

Using crumpled up newspaper to dry windows after cleaning

Contrary to what you might think, wiping cleaned and wet windows with newspaper does not leave black ink on the window. However, it will leave ink on your hand so wear gloves if possible.

Window cleaning drips

When cleaning windows, there may be drips around the edges of the windows from window cleaning solutions (window washing solutions). You can wipe them off with a dampened chamois cloth or just let them air dry. This is the best way to deal with drips to avoid smearing.