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Window Cleaning Tools

To clean windows like a pro, you need some window cleaning tools. There are many grades of window cleaning tools. Basic window cleaning tools, you can find in any grocery stores and they actually do an ok job of window cleaning.

Window cleaning tools

Your window cleaning tools should at least consist of:

  • a bucket
  • cleaning solution of proven formulae
  • cloths or a sponge for window washing
  • window drying materials such as lint free cloths (e.g. microfiber cloths or cloth diapers), paper towels, newspaper or a squeegee
  • Chamois cloth (optional)
  • cloth rag

For more window cleaning tools, see Window Cleaning Supplies. From the Window Cleaning Supplies section you will find more window cleaning tools and a list of recommended vendors for the best and most cost effective window cleaning supplies. To get a list of window cleaning supplies with plenty of window cleaning tools selection, click below.

Window cleaning supplies and window cleaning tools