House Cleaning Tips

Window Washing

Window washing is a critical part of window cleaning. Washing windows is usually the first step in good window cleaning. A business can be a window washing business focusing on window washing alone or providing the whole window cleaning package. There are window washing equipment to help you wash windows fast and effectively. You can also buy window washing cleaners and other window washing supplies from a window cleaning specialty store.

Window washing

How to wash windows?

Window washing is easy if you do it right. If you do it wrong, window washing can be quite troublesome. When washing windows, always wash your windows with horizontal strokes on the inside and vertical strokes on the outside or vice versa. You want to use different strokes when washing windows on the outside vs the inside so that you can keep track of which side is not yet finished.

Washing frigid windows

When you have to wash frigid windows, you need to know how to save time in window washing by doing it right the first time. When it's freezing outside, windows can fog up when you apply window washing cleaners directly to the windows. To prevent fogging of the windows and make your window washing job much more pleasant and easier, try adding the window washing cleaner to the cleaning rag instead of directly onto the windows. This may help reduce the fogging up problem when washing windows.

Window washing rag